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What is DENTNet?

DENTNet is a global blockchain for telecommunication assets such as mobile data or frequencies.

Since the '90s, each mobile network operator has run its own software for accounting, subscription management, traffic management, etc.

Now, many of these services can be provided by a single platform - DENT's global blockchain.

This will help operators and enterprises to automate processes, reduce costs and speed up innovation.

Who uses DENTNet?

DENTNet targets mobile operators and their partners such as enterprises, resellers and service providers.

DENT Wireless Limited is the first operator using DENTNet.

Every DENT App user has a wallet and transactions are tracked on DENTNet.

Use cases and benefits of the DENTNet

Global data trading infrastructure
Safe infrastructure with staking and validators
Simplified roaming contracts
Automated accounting


Introducing DENTX

DENTX is the native unit of exchange on DENTNet, similar to ETH on Ethereum or BTC on the Bitcoin network.

It is used to pay gas fees and secure the network with Staking.

DENTX holders can stake DENTX and receive staking rewards.
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DENT Token

The DENT token is the core of the DENT Wireless’ mobile data ecosystem.

DENTNet supports the DENT token to buy and sell telecommunication assets such as mobile data or voice minutes.

The DENT token can be moved from Ethereum to DENTNet and vice versa.
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Validator Partner

FACTBLOCK as a Validator is expected to expand the global scale of the DENTNet ecosystem.

FACTBLOCK has served as a validator for various projects and has been recognized for its reliability.

Since 2018, it has hosted the annual Korea Blockchain Week (KBW).
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Validator and Ecosystem Partner

DENT partners with Rotonda, a developer of the leading Web3.0 digital asset management platform ‘Burrito Wallet’.

Rotonda is running multiple validators to secure DENTNet's PoS network.

In addition, DENT and Rotona are working together to provide easy access to DENTX and DENT through the Burrito Wallet platform.
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Wallet Partner

SubWallet integrated DENTNet, DENTX and DENT token into their wallet solution.

SubWallet is the pioneer Web3 wallet offering browser extentions and native mobile apps that are user-friendly and easy to use.
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How to start staking


Swap to DENTX

Get DENTX on Ethereum by swapping on Uniswap or Metamask using the ERC20 DENTX token contract: 0xd65981da8d0bc8ef308d81c2b4955b0781fcdbfb
Can I swap DENT tokens for DENTX?

Create a wallet

Create a DENTNet wallet using one of the supported wallet apps.
How to create a wallet on DENTNet?


Send your DENTX from Ethereum to your DENTNet wallet using the DENT Bridge.
How to transfer your DENTX to DENTNet?

Earn interest rates

Connect your DENTNet wallet to the DENTNet Dashboard and join the pool to start staking.
What is the staking rate?


Will DENT tokens convert to DENTX upon the launch of DENTNet?

No. There is no automatic conversion on exchanges or wallets. We offer a swap from DENT to DENTX on our platform and on Metamask/Uniswap, and it's everyone's choice whether to do it or not.

Can I stake on DENTNet?

DENTNet is a proof of stake network. Validators operate the transactions and will get rewards in DENTX.

DENTX is the token enabling the PoS infrastructure. Users can create a wallet on DENTNet and use their DENTX to earn interests by joining DENTs nomination pool.

Reach out to us if you want to run DENTNet validators.

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How to create a wallet on DENTNet?

Users can create a non-custodial wallet on DENTNet. In addition, every DENT App user has a custodial wallet on DENTNet.

To create a non-custodial wallet follow these steps:

  1. Download and install the Polkadot Vault app.
  2. Add DENTNet as Network scanning the metadata from this this link.
  3. Use the DENTNet wallet to sign transactions on DENTNet.

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How to transfer your DENTX tokens to DENTNet?

DENTX tokens on Ethereum can be sent to DENTNet using the DENTNet Bridge. Only DENTX on DENTNet can be staked.

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What's the advantage of DENTNet to other blockchains?

DENTNet is special purpose blockchain, optimized to manage telecommunication assets and interoperate with other telco systems like DBOS. Mobile network operators can use and contribute to the network.

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What is the staking rate?

In the beginning the staking rate will be higher. It will reduce over time until the ideal staking amount was reached.

Ideal staking amount and inflation rates might be adapted over time for optimal blockchain performance and security.

DENTNet targets an amount at stake of 50% of the issued DENTX. When this is reached the network will optimise for 10% inflation rate and a staking reward rate of 20%.

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Can I swap DENT tokens for DENTX?

DENT tokens on Ethereum can be swapped to DENTX using Metamask or other tools based on Uniswap. To use these DENTX for staking, they must be transferred to DENTNet using the DENTNet Bridge.

DENT tokens on DENTNet can be swapped to DENTX on DENTNet using the DENTNet Dashboard.

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Go to DENTNet Dashboard

Will exchanges integrate DENTNet and list DENTX?

Yes, DENT team is working on integrating DENTNet and listing DENTX on global exchanges.

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